Justin creates abstract/futuristic scribbles. Switched to Mac in 2008. Apple enthusiast. Teaches brand development + digital marketing. Maintains WordPress websites.

Oculus Quest 2 Unboxing

The Oculus Quest 2 from Facebook Reality Labs is here. Let's discuss the future of XR, VR, AR. I'm most excited about the Infinite Office with Passthrough — being able to browse the web and work inside of VR. Imagine having a 100 inch chromium browser. Suggested Name Your Price: $5+

iPhone 12 #AppleEvent Bingo

Apple is expected to unveil the latest iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Max, and HomePod at 10 am pacific / 1 pm eastern on Tuesday, October 13th. Invitations read 'Hi, Speed.' with echoing bubbles. Let's geek out together and play bingo as the cinematic keynote is streamed live across the interwebs.

🎨 World Wide Creators Conference 2021 Kickoff

Full-month of events and opportunities for creators.

🎨 Make Art with Justin · #jhScribbles

🎨 Make Art with Justin · 💵 Name Your Price All you need is a canvas (a piece of paper, cardboard, napkin, digital surface, etc.) and a drawing utensil (your finger, pen, pencil, marker, brush, etc.) Join and scribble with me. I'll be using iPad Pro, Procreate, and Apple Pencil. Ready to scribble abstract/futuristic art for #Inktober52? Follow along with this series using the hashtag #MuseumofScribbles. 🎟 Operation Encore | $5 Get a futuristic scribble crafted uniquely for you. 🏛 Museum of Scribbles | $15 Celebrating our inner childhood in a world of adulting. Reminisce about your favorite childhood memories and rekindle your kid like creativity. When is the last time you drew on a wall? Sketched on a napkin? Questioned why? Discover the unknown with sharp white scribbles for all-ages among a bold and dark black background. We’re just big kids. Visualizing the future. I hope we’ll visualize the future, together.